Little Chamber History,
The Greencastle Chamber of Commerce was incorporated
in 1954; however in 1907, a group of local businessmen began
this organization, naming it Greencastle Chamber of Commerce
around 1909. The name remained the same for 88 years; and in
1997, the name “Greater Greencastle Chamber of Commerce”
was adopted to reflect the broader area of membership and
influence of the Chamber.

The Greater Greencastle
Chamber of Commerce is…

A Business Partner… professional men and women who volunteer
to provide local leadership for local businesses. They
are people like you.
A Pair of Eyes… specialized observers who maintain watch on
legislation which affects every citizen in the community,
alert to be sure the “quality of life” of our community
is maintained.
A Voice… of business which represents your views on legislation,
employment, trade and many other issues.
A Pair of Hands… researching, preparing letters, developing
information, preparing publications, folders, and
pamphlets to tell the story about your business and
the Greencastle community as a whole.
A Sales Office… telling the real story daily about Putnam County
and what it has to offer in the way of business services,
housing, recreation, education, demographics, and how
great your community really is.
A Front Office… the show window of your community… a
place where visitors gain their first impressions of
the soundness and hospitality of the Putnam County
community. It is a globally recognized entity, shared
in spirit around the world and is a clearing house for
community thought and action.